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The Simple Life

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Genre: TV-Produktion

Spieldauer: ~ 352 Minuten

Regie: Claudia Frank

Cast: Paris Hilton, James DuMont, Nicole Richie, Nicky Hilton, David Richards, Susan Powter, Tinkerbell the Dog, Justin Leding, Kathy Richards, John Gary, Honey Child the Dog, Braxton Leding, Trae Lindley, Albert Leding, Curly Leding, Cayne Leding, Foxy Cleopatra the Dog, Janet Leding, Richard Leding

Kurzbeschreibung: They´re Rich. They´re Sexy. They're Totally Out Of Control !!! When two spoiled party girls come to town...life on the farm will never be the same !!! It's the ultimate culture clash when two rich, spoiled big-city blondes, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, find themselves in a small town in Arkansas and try to survive without credit cards, nightclubs and Saks Fifth Avenue! See what happens when the girls with everything go from filthy rich...to just plain filthy!

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